Theatre Classes: Be a Part of

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Theatre classes are offered full-year and 1/2 semester classes.  A great way to fine-tune your communication skills essential in today's job market.  Whether you love the shine of the spotlight or prefer to work behind the scenes there is a theatre class for you.

Drama I & II
Drama I & II

Begin your theatrical journey on the stage by experiencing productions from classical Shakespeare to modern shows such as Wicked! and Hamilton.  Discover projection, staging, character analysis, improvisation, theatre history, and vital theatrical fundamentals preparing you for additional theatre classes.

Find your niche to where you can perfect communication and presentation skills ideal for multiple future career choices.  Gain confidence and stage presence essential for auditioning, job interviews, and many other life skills.

Technical Theatre

One of the highest in demand professional theatre occupations, technical theatre gives you the inside look of ‘behind the scenes’ in every production.  From designing lights and sets to creating special effects and sound everyday is a new adventure creating theatre magic! 

Into the latest fashion trends?  Specialize in costumes and makeup offering actors the perfect close-up look.  Technical Theatre students have the opportunity to compete in the SUU Shakespeare Tech Olympics in the fall as well as all other conferences and competitions throughout the year. 

Stage Lighting Setup
Theatre Ambassadors

For the elite and experienced theatre participants, Theatre Ambassadors represent PHS at many regional, state, and international conferences, competitions, as well as community events.  Immerse yourself in children’s theatre, Shakespeare, classical and modern plays, and musical theatre.  Participation is expected in competitions and conferences.  Find your safe space in front or behind the stage curtain.  Become more than just a drama player, be a member of our theatre family…where memories are made, and friendships are founded.

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Musical Theatre

Whether you are a lead or ensemble cast member, everyone plays an important role in making musical theatre sparkle!  A year long class, you can play a part in this amazing collaboration of music, choreography, and staging utilizing all aspects of the Fine Arts.  Musical theatre is the most popular productions on the stage today.  Performance opportunities will also be available at Region and State competition and with the Utah Theatre Association conference.   

We are so excited to present Frozen Jr. that will be collaborated with PHS's dance company and NEW symphony classes!